Roleplay /. Marvel Heroes RPG. The world is never ready for change. Marvel Heroes RPG is a Playbypost RPG based on the Marvel Universe. It is an Alternate Universe which branched off at around Civil War with some post-Civil War characters and Original Characters thrown in for good measure. Not to be confused with the unrelated free-to-play game .... Marvel Heroes RPG has been in operation for over 13 years. In that time, we've watched an evolution with the way we do things, going from no major plots to site wide settings with integration of player stories to, now, player driven plots. As we continue to strive to be better, we are always looking for fresh ideas, new plot lines and great. Apr 17, 2012 · The MARVEL HEROIC ROLEPLAYING Basic Game uses the acclaimed “Breakout” story arc from Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers to launch the MARVEL HEROIC ROLEPLAYING product line. The Operations Manual gives you all the rules you need to play, from gathering your heroes to taking on the likes of Carnage and Mister Hyde in a desperate free-for-all!. "/>Marvel roleplay